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Cabin Air Filter Replacement
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Cabin Air Filter Service

At AAMCO Point Pleasant, we know you can breathe cleaner air in your car, truck or SUV by regularly changing the cabin air filter. In a compact area like a vehicle interior, there can be high concentrations of dust, pollen and bacteria, which can affect the health of the driver and/or passengers by aggravating allergies. Fortunately, a large number of vehicles now have a cabin air filter to clean incoming air. Cabin air filters are electro-statically charged, and work like a magnet to collect pollutants as they try to enter and move through your car.


Please refer to your owners manual for factory recommended maintenance intervals for your specific vehicle. It should be noted however, that cabin air filter replacement is not always noted in the owner's manual, so the AAMCO rule of thumb is replacement about every 15,000 miles. Stop by AAMCO Point Pleasant if you believe you are having an issue with the cleanliness of the air in your vehicle...you'll be glad you did!